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Feelings of aggression

Many people who have experienced very distressing situations may have strong emotions of rage and hatred. They didn’t feel like this before they had these experiences. Feelings of rage and hatred can be directed towards themselves or towards other people. People frequently behave aggressively towards the very people they are closest to or who they love most.

They may have thoughts of aggression. They may also offload their emotions and behave confrontationally. Sometimes it’s just little things that cause this. Then people suddenly experience very strong feelings of rage or aggression. They hardly recognise themselves as they never had such feelings of rage before the experience.

The sometimes very distressing experiences and the feelings of helplessness, anger, rage and shame are often the reason why these people react so aggressively. Processing these experiences helps to lessen the aggression. There are ways of helping you with this.


Processing what you have experienced.

Distressing experiences trouble people in flashbacks and dreams. Dreams and flashbacks help people process what they have experienced. However, if you can’t help thinking back to these experiences, if they are linked with very uncomfortable feelings and they prevent you from carrying on with your daily life, then it is important for you to obtain help.

It helps to understand that what caused this distress is past. It may also help you to process what you experienced by writing or talking about it. And lastly, you can use your own sources of strength to help you get better. It may also help to train your awareness. Every method is more effective the more regularly it is practised. It may seem a bit strange at the start but that’s normal. Work out a method that suits you and follow it regularly. Doing it every day is best. Several times a week would be good.


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