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Team introduction

The students developed scientifically based materials for psycho-education and self-help for refugees in the following five study groups.

About the Dissemination study group

Katinka, Elisabeth, Ina, Juliane, Katharina, Louisa and Sinje belonged to the Dissemination study group.

The word dissemination comes from the Latin term for sowing seeds; hence, in this project, it was our job to find a form in which the contents of the project could be made use of by as many people as possible. For instance, we made sure that the texts with photos and artwork could be added to, that texts were suitable for reading online and that the agency designing the website was given all the information they needed.

About the Provision of care study group

Nikolaus, Yiqi, Miriam and Simone belonged to this study group.
Our study group assessed the health care situation for refugees accommodated in Hamburg. To do so, semi-structured interviews were conducted with professionals (e.g. psychotherapists and psychiatrists) from different care facilities (e.g. psychiatric clinics, counselling centres and initial accommodation centres for refugees). The information obtained was then analysed and served as the basis for drafting the website copy.

About the Translation study group

Mareike, Tamara, Lydia, Anne, Samya and Marlit belonged to the Translation study group.

Our questions were: “Which languages are required?”, “How are scientific translations done?” and “Who can translate the material we provide?”. After extensive research, we decided on the languages, in which the website is now available, as a practical solution for the translations. This was followed by a detailed search for qualified and suitable translators using a whole range of sources. We are glad that we were able to find at least two translators for each language and are very grateful to each volunteer translator for their hard work and support.

About the Evaluation study group

Denise, Hannah, Jana, Phelina and Torben belonged to the Evaluation study group. Our task was to make sure that our texts appealed to our target audience and could be understood by them. To do so, one of the things we did was to invite some refugees to the university, which was very interesting. We will also be checking that the website does in fact serve its intended purpose. This is the reason for the survey here [Link zu Evaluationsfragen] which you can complete to help us improve the website!

About the Patient Information study group

Salome, Björn, Stefanie, Pia, Lilian, Pina, Carmen and Ann-Marie belonged to the Patient Information study group. We were responsible for researching all the information for the website copy. The goal was to compile information about psycho-education and instructions for self-help techniques for refugees. The challenge was to observe scientific standards while compiling the relevant content. For example, we considered aspects such as stigmatisation, culture-specific observations from relevant disorders and of course the topic of mental health issues caused by flight.

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