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Physical complaints

Our bodies react to distressing situations. People frequently suffer from pain in various parts of their body, for instance in their back, stomach or head. Children in particular react with stomach ache, for example, but some adults do too. They may experience dizzy spells or severe indigestion. Many people also suffer from heart problems or difficulty breathing. These physical symptoms are partly the physical expression of a very distressing experience. It is normal for the body to suffer too if there has been emotional suffering.


Regaining your strength.

If you suffer from physical symptoms, you should always see a doctor first. Sometimes however these problems (such as pain, difficulty breathing, heart trouble) are not directly related to a medical disorder.

There are several ways of making things easier for yourself in spite of the physical problems. It can help to talk about how you feel. Often it’s a relief to talk about things with someone else. Many people probably feel the same. It may also help people in this situation to get practical help in coping with everyday life. Regular exercise in particular can help to build up your energy and strength. A healthy routine for sleeping and waking up will help both your body and mind. You can do things to improve your sleep. And lastly, you can use your own sources of strength to help you get better. Every method is more effective the more regularly it is practised. It may seem a bit strange at the start. Work out a method that suits you and follow it regularly. Every day or several times a week is best. If your problems get too much for you, you should see a doctor.


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