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Inner unrest

Many people experience feelings of anxiety. They are irritable, can hardly sleep or only sleep badly and they have difficulty in concentrating on things. These people are often very afraid of things. Then they feel that they need to be constantly on the alert so that nothing bad can happen to them. These people don’t have moments when they relax and feel at peace. This constant state of tension drains all their energy and is exhausting. Many people find it difficult to organise routine things and cope with everyday life. There are helpful techniques for coping with anxiety and to feel calmer.


Finding your equilibrium.

If you feel anxious and irritable, it’s important to regain your inner equilibrium. You can learn to do this. You can use your own sources of strength to help you feel better. Every technique is more effective the more regularly it is practised. This may seem a bit strange at the start but that’s normal. Work out a technique that suits you and practise it regularly. Doing it every day is best. Several times a week would be good. If your problems get too much for you, you should see a doctor.


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